Did you ever have a friend show you a new piece of music that became one of your favorite songs? Do you have a Top 5 Desert Island Album list? Are you constantly turning up the volume dial on the radio? Me too–and that’s why I started Vintage Voltage. I’m looking to continue the dialogue about what makes “good music,” so this blog will be the spot where I share some of my favorite songs and albums. I’d like to think I’m pretty musically omnivorous: I listen to rock & roll, blues, jazz, country, pop, reggae, soul, and anything in between, but I’m always open to new sounds.

The blog is called Vintage Voltage because a lot of the music I grew up liking I heard on the local classic rock and oldies radio station. Not all the music I talk about here is going to be vintage, but much like a good song, I couldn’t get the sound of the title out of my head. Most of the songs I write about will channel the sensibilities of the music that I grew up listening to, whether in production, presentation, or feel.

This site is the spiritual successor to a defunct blog I used to write for called “Turntablr.” Every now and then, I’ll repost some content from that site, so if you followed me on there, you might find some stuff that looks familiar.

For most “Song of the Week” posts, I’ll try and include a recording of the song for you to listen to. I don’t intend any copyright infringement here, so if there’s a problem, kindly let me know. If you hear something you’d like, I’d also suggest that you purchase the music legally. If you like somebody’s work, you should pay for it.

–John Boudreau

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